You can trust us to process your mail and packages.

You can trust us to process your mail and packages.

Arrange for mail handling services in Jamaica, NY

With businesses gearing back up and people traveling again, the amount of strain put on your mailing services can be too much to handle without dedicated help. If you need a trusted service provider to handle freight and mail, contact ASAK Solutions, LLC to arrange for mail handling services. Our crew will unload your mail and packages quickly and deliver them to the airport's sorting center. Our crew will handle everything with care and make sure nothing gets left behind.

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Why you should make us your preferred mail handler

Delivering mail to the sorting center isn't a straightforward process. If you want to be sure your parcels will be handled by a dependable team, hire our crew. We'll work with USPS and airport employees to get your packages delivered quickly. Our crew will also manage the proof of delivery documents.

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ASAK is the premier Mail Handler at the J.F.K USPS International Sort Center (ISC).

Our strategic focus on dedicated equipment, sufficient manpower, and communication enables expedient processing. ASAK values the importance of our customers' assets and will provide 100% Unit Load Device (ULD) control, proof of delivery, and documented custody of the equipment.

ASAK is YOUR preferred mail handler.